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Mar Elias School November Mission

by Roderick Krueger

The Palestinian – Israeli conflict stirs many strong conflicting feelings.  The strong feelings exist within our own congregation as well.  The excitement, however, of the Committee on Missions is that this month’s project speaks creatively to this situation and rises well above the conflict. Imagine an educational complex that involves both Palestinian and Jewish teaching […]

Mar Elias Christian School – November Mission

by Roderick Krueger

This is what “Peace” can look like.  One is Christian and one is Muslim, but most important both are classmates and friends.  All schools in Palestine are religious schools.  Jewish schools receive 100% funding.  Mar Elias School is a Christian school where Christians, Muslims, Jews, and Druzes can learn academics but also how to get […]

JAK’s Place – Be the Solution

by Roderick Krueger

What is the biggest thing that keeps JAK’s Place from being all that it can be?  STIGMA    It keeps people away. People don’t want to be seen here,  They don’t want to be associated with …gasp… mental illness.  Many of them avoid seeking help that they badly need.  Some of them commit suicide.  All […]

Help Needed – Drivers

by Roderick Krueger

Too many people no longer have the capability to easily come to church on Sunday.  We have been looking at ways in which we can address that need.  The importance of that need can only fully be appreciated by those who have it. We have a potential possibility to offer safe, convenient, and affordable transportation […]

Missions – Sturgeon Bay UMC

by Roderick Krueger

Sturgeon Bay United Methodist Church is “MissionMinded”, that is we are strong believers in missions.  We have monthly mission projects to learn about, to pray for and to support with our money gifts.  We have additional mission offerings during the year that the national UMC traditionally supports.  We also encourage individuals and groups of the […]

Wildfire Mission Trip

by Senyors

On July 19th, thirteen youth and adults headed back to Superior, WI for another week with Wildfire Mission Trip. Tasks included painting, building, working in a food pantry, sorting clothes, installing fixtures, pulling weeds and whatever else needed to be done! In conjunction with the mission trip, the Sunday School collected over $600 to donate to The […]