Serving the Sturgeon Bay UMC and its congregation

Stewardship 2020 Campaign

This is the 2nd of a 3-year Stewardship Program “First We Give of Ourselves”.  It is divided into three parts.

  • Giving in Grace – Year One
  • Giving in Gratitude – Year Two
  • Giving in Generosity – Year Three

Our Capital Campaign – Vision 2020 which began in 2018, serves as the foundation upon which the ministry of this church can continue in the future.  People who have responded to that campaign have done so with unbelievable generosity.  Our yearly Stewardship Campaigns provide the funding needed for the day to day operation and ministry of this church. This year we are focusing on “Giving in Gratitude”.  It emphasizes that all we have are gifts from God.  It is through gratitude that we give back to God.

Below are some pieces of information we hope you might find helpful.  The first article addresses this years theme “Giving in Gratitude”.  It lays out our goal of raising $250,000 in pledges and 90 pledging units.  There is a copy of a Pledge Card. There is also a copy of a “Time and Talent Pledge Card”.  In addition there is a “Growth in Giving Chart” to review.

There is also information about Electronic Giving and Scheduled Giving.  These are ways of giving which have advantages to you as a giver, and the church. There is information about using “Required Minimum Distribution” funds for giving to the church.