September is travel month…

join us for a whirl-wind world tour.

The movie starts at 1:00, usually over about 3:00.

Come share the altitude and the popcorn!

September 7:  Roman Holiday

September 14:  Casablanca

September 21:  One, Two, Three

September 28:  Pleasantville

Want to know more about these movies? Here’s a good source of info:

Themes and movies for the rest of the year:

October is for spooky-scary fun: Laura; Topper Returns; The Ghost Breakers

November is all about caring: Yentl; With a Song in My Heart (The Jane Froman Story) and Desk Set

December brings us holiday movie favorites:  Meet John Doe; Holiday; Susan Slept Here

Have a favorite movie you’d like to see again…or maybe for the first time? Please let Cherrie know you’d like to have something added to the ongoing list!