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Forum Topics in November

by Roderick Krueger

Nov. 6, 2016 – Climate Justice will be presented by Cherrie Graham.  She will present a portion of what she learned last summer at the UMW Conference School of Mission. Nov. 13, 2016 – How to begin to heal the fractures in our society.  This will be presented  by representatives  from the Door County Civility […]

Mission for September: Paul Webster Projects

by Roderick Krueger

Paul reports that one of Tshala’s sons, Trobby Kandala, is enrolled the agricultural training program at Africa University this term.  He will receive training leading to a degree and hopefully be a part of the Mujila Falls Center.  Tshala was Paul’s helper and also director of the Center when he lost his life in a […]

Parish Nurse Notes

by Roderick Krueger

 Mindfulness meditation and movement on Mondays 11:30-12:30pm. $5/class. Curious about Parkinson Disease? Dr. Kanneganti, a neurologist from Prevea in Green Bay will be coming to our church on Saturday September 24th at 3pm. Everyone is welcome. – Cancelled  How can our church become more dementia friendly? Sunday October 2nd Vicky Johnson from the Alzheimer’s Association […]

Adult Forum Begins Sunday Sept. 11 @ 9:15 AM

by Roderick Krueger

The Adult Forum will begin the fall season with a six-part study of one of the great old classics of Christian thinking,  “The Will of God”, by noted preacher and author, Leslie Weatherhead.  Having read the book is not necessary to participate in the study, but if you would like a copy, the books are […]

Ganta United Methodist Hospital, Liberia – August 2016 Mission

by Roderick Krueger

Ganta United Methodist Hospital dates back to 1926 when founded by two missionaries. After experiencing significant devastation during 14 years of war, it became the center of an aggressive and well planned initiative saving the lives of children and mothers. Six or seven years ago, one in 12 women died in child birth. One in […]

Forum News – April and Early May 2016

by Roderick Krueger

The Adult Forum will finish its study of Renegade Gospel on April 3rd.  It will then turn its attention local issues. April 10 – David Van Dyke will present an update on Habitat for Humanity April 17 – Ursula Timreck will be describing “HELP” of Door County’s work with Domestic Abuse and Homelessness April 24 – […]