Serving the Sturgeon Bay UMC and its congregation

The Sturgeon Bay United Methodist Church is in the midst of a capital campaign – “Vision 2020”

The objectives of this campaign are:

  • To better serve our members and our community
  • To address current needs in our heating system and energy use
  • To promote growth in church membership

During this Capital Campaign we are asking people to make a “commitment”.  This is different than a pledge.  The Pledge campaigns allow for funding of the annual budget of the church.  It is very important that the Pledge campaigns are successful since they fund the day to day operating costs of the church including our Ministry Programs.

The Capital Campaign addresses specific funding needs that enable us to meet our goals and objectives.  We use the word “commitment” to ask people to engage and participate in reaching the goals and objectives.  It means a “financial commitment” but also a “commitment of time and talents” needed to achieve these goals.  It is not an annual event.  The last Capital Campaign was over 15 years ago.

We would ask that you fill out a “Commitment Card”.  It can be downloaded from this site or one can be sent to you.  Completing this card lets us know the time frame during which your “commitment” will be fulfilled. You can space your “commitment” over a 3 year period if needed.  Since these projects are expected to be completed over the next six months, the church will need to pay for those services before all the “commitments” are fulfilled.  That money will have to be borrowed.  Thus the earlier “commitments” are completed, the lower the cost of the campaign.

This page is intended to provide documents about the capital campaign, and updates about meeting our objectives.  It will also provide the ability of people viewing this website to make a financial commitment to assist us in reaching our target goal of $300,000.